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31st December 2006

12:00pm: This Journal is Public

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Christy :)

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5th March 2006

12:04am: Thank You Mercyisme!
For sending in all of these wonderful
German Scans for the Germans Readers!!

They are so lovely !!
And there are so many !!
Lots from the Troy days and tons from Munich!!

The rest can be found here => Click Here

Thank you so much for all of that effort !!
It must have taken you a long time to make all of these scans.
It is much appreciated here !!

Christy :)

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12:01am: Thank You Lui!
For Finding and sharing this wonderful photoshoot!!

The rest can be found here => Click Here

Just lovely Lui !!
Thank you so much dear !!


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2nd March 2006

11:41pm: Thank You Sofia !
Eric appeared in the February issue of Polish Cinema Magazine to discuss 'Munich'. Sofia was kind enough to send me a scan of it.

For those of us who don't speak Polish, it's an amazing picture and it also mention's Stephanie's web site: Eric Bana Central.com as a reference.

Thank you so much Sofia!

This picture is awesome!!

Christy :)

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11:27pm: Thank You Fanny !
For sending in another short clip
of Eric at the Golden Globes.

He talks about cyling in Melbourne:
=> Click Here

Christy :)

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26th February 2006

9:46pm: Comment
Sorry to say that I am really behind
on adding new stuff this week.

I had a lot of things to take care of.
But, hopefully next week I will get
back on track.

I have lots of articles & scans to add
that have been sent in from fans.

I will add them just as soon as I can,
please forgive the delay.

Christy :)

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24th February 2006

8:37am: Thank You Fanny!!
For sending me this short clip of Eric
at the Golden Globes After Party !!

Eric Bana at Golden Globes

Here's the link => Click Here

Christy :)

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18th February 2006

10:55am: Merci Beaucoup Florence !!
For finding and sending me these
lovely scans from France !!

The French section is finally growing
thanks to your contribution !!

Christy :)

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17th February 2006

11:06am: Update
Eric Bana on 'Munich'
An Interview from London.

Eric says,
"I'm an actor, not a bloody politician!
But I couldn't be more proud of the film.
I think it achieved what it wanted to do
and it's a different movie for different

Exactly !!
Good Job on this one Eric !!

Christy :)

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16th February 2006

10:55pm: Comment
Small update on the site...
I found this on the internet today and
added it to the 'Troy' section.

Source: Lifecast.co.uk

John Schoonraad has been lifecasting for film, television and the arts for some twenty years. This amounts to over a thousand lifecasts, from hands, feet, heads to full bodies. In recent years John has been joined by his sons Tristan and Robin, who themselves are accomplished mould makers and FX technicians.

Eric prepares to let John Schoonraad cast his face and body for 'Troy' special effects: (Probably for when Hector is burning on the pyre)

I wish I had a cast of Eric's face or body or whatever...LOL!!
And I love the shirt !!

Christy :)

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15th February 2006

7:31am: Thank You Olympias!!
For finding these five lovely choices
for the Munich DVD cover !!

Source: The Digita Bits.com
I can't wait to see which one is the final choice !!

This one is my favorite choice:

But all of these are lovely too:

As long as Eric on the cover,
they can't go wrong...right?

Thanks for finding them,
My dear fellow Banatic!

Christy :)

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12th February 2006

11:31pm: Thank You Maria!
For Creating and Sending New
Eric Bana Valentine's Day

I got them online, just in time !!

And Happy Valentine's Day to All!!

Christy :)

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10:53pm: Thank You Carole & Mona!
Video Footage from Richard & Judy

Many thanks to Carole & Mona
For getting Eric on Richard and Judy
I finally had time to add this video footage to the web!!
Eric looks so amazing in this interview !!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!
Christy :)

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2:05am: Thank You Diana!
For sending me all the Polish Articles
and for helping me get the Polish section
up and running !!

You are a terrific help !!

Christy :)

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12:29am: Email


Im a member of the banatics, pretty big fan of Erics, my sister came across this website for the worlds sexiest 100 males and females of 2006, Eric is currently 25 I believe, so for all the ladies who would like to vote for him, here is the site... http://www.intersites.co.uk/

Hope this is of use, sorry if you already have it,

ALSO, wikipedia.org, the online encyclopedia, I believe has also announced a new project for Eric for 2007 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Bana scroll down to the box, and it will tell you all his films he has already done, and upcoming films, there appears to be a new one he signed uo for HOWEVER, it has not yet been announced by IMDB, , it gives the role he will be playing and the name of the film,its coming up after lucky you, and Romulus, my father.... hope this is of help to you all.

Take Care

PS- Im sending this to the 2 big Eric Bana websites (oh, and whoever Mona is, you are by far the biggest Bana fan alive...I admire your commitment) ;) good Day!

Thanks a lot for the info !!
It is much appreciated !!


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6th February 2006

7:58am: Thank You Mamiko!
For sending more pics, interviews and links
of Eric with the Tokyo Press!!

Christy :)

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5th February 2006

12:17pm: Thank You Nathalia!
For scanning and typing the Interview
from Aussie InStyle for us !!

Really great interview !!
And I love that pic of him !!

You can find it in the Articles Section

Christy :)

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4th February 2006

9:47am: Thank You Nathalia!
Eric appears in Rolling Stone Magazine next month in Australia.
The March 2006 edition.

Nathalia lives in Australia and she is also one of the Banatics.
She was kind enough to scan these for us!
They are also high res copies in the Articles Section.

Thanks Nathalia!

Christy :)

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12:21am: Thank You Ginny!
Ginny has written two biographies about Eric.
One in Italian and in Spanish.

She also has found some new Italian & Spanish
articles for these two language sections.

Thanks for writing these for the Spanish & Italian readers!

Christy :)

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12:20am: Email
You have a wonderful website!
Thank you very much, Andrea!
I appreciate the feedback.
Christy :)

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12:16am: Email

Hello Eric,

I just have to say that you are the most gorgeous
actor that I´ve ever seen.

Lovely Greets from old Europe


Hi Sibel,

I'm not Eric, but if you would like to write him.
Here's the address:

John Fogelman C/O William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

Christy :)

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1st February 2006

8:53am: Thank You Miss Tina!
Thanks so much, Miss Tina for sending
me this lovely German Magazine scan !!
Really cool !!

So if you speak German,
there is a larger version in the
Articles Section.

Christy :)

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7:04am: Thank You Carole & Mona & Stephanie!
Many thanks to Carole & Mona
For getting this video footage to me !!
I am so thankful and excited about this !!

This is a great interview for the Banatics' Forum!
The interviewer asks Eric if he's ever heard of
'The Banatics' before and his response is really cute!!
It's in the Video Clips section here.

For those of you who don't know...
Stephanie and I are the Admins at the Banatic's Forum.
She is also the lovely webmaster of

Stephanie is the person who created the concept of
'The Banatics' and promoted the Forum on her site
a long time ago.

So like I've said before in the credits at my site,

"Special Thanks to Stephanie for creating the concept of
'The Banatics' and promoting the Banatic's Forum without her,
the Forum wouldn't be what it is today."

Here's a screen cap of Eric's reaction to
'The Banatics'....It's sooooooo cute !!
What a sweetheart !!

Christy :)

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30th January 2006

3:06pm: Thank You Mona!!
Mona made me some birthday wallpaper
cause today is my birthday...

Really cool!!
I love getting birthday wallpaper !!
It's so nice !!

And one without the text....

Thanks Mona,
Christy :)

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2:50pm: Email
Happy Birthday Christy If I could give you Eric for the day,
I would!  LOVE the new look of the site.  You're amazing, girl. 

Thank you Melanie,
You are too kind!!
I wish you could give me Eric...LOL!!

Christy :)

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2:45pm: Thanks to Bloomania.com
Thanks to my affliates Bloomania.com
for sending me this scan from Dutch TV Guide!!

Really cool !!

And if you're an Orlando Bloom fan you should check them out.
It'a great site!!

Christy :)

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7:22am: Thank You Lilie!
Lilie made me some birthday wallpaper
cause today is my birthday...

Really cool!!
She knows I love Bana on a bike...LOL!!
The best part about having a birthday is
getting wallpaper from the Banatics !!

Christy :)

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29th January 2006

6:53pm: Thank You Stardust !!
For scanning the
Austraian Men's Health Magazine!

Funny how you guys have a
different cover than we do...

Away, I love him next to the color red,
especially if it's a bike or a car!!
He's so dreamy in this pic!!

Christy :)

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5:47pm: Email

Does Eric Banadinovich (Bana) have a twin brother.
You mention that there is an older brother, Anthony,
but does he also have a twinbrother?

I don't think he has a twin brother.
I've only read that he has an older brother Anthony,
but I've never read that they are twins.



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5:36pm: ThankYou Lui!
For creating this special wallpaper
for my birthday!!

I'm getting so old these days...LOL!!

I am so moved...
It's just beautiful!!
You are so kind!!

Christy :)

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